Direct Distribution of Plastic Planter Boxes

Direct distribution of plastic planter boxes is done through this collection with reasonable price and quality. Plastic box is a plastic and light product. This product is recyclable so it has no role in polluting the environment. On the other hand, in the process of producing plastic boxes; Small and large containers, such as mineral water pots, soft drink bottles, etc., and dairy containers as well as nylons are collected and entered into the recycling cycle.

Direct Distribution of Plastic Planter Boxes

Untold Things on Plastic Planter Boxes

Untold Things on Plastic Planter Boxes You can use fruit baskets to plant vegetables in small quantities at home and in apartment environments. Spread a piece of waste plastic on the bottom of the plastic fruit basket so that the plastic edges are out of the basket. The plastic should protrude evenly on all sides. After doing this, fill the basket with suitable soil.

Today, with the increase of urban life in apartments and the lack of access to organic fruits and vegetables, the desire of people to grow vegetables has increased. This method is very important in the food basket of families due to the healthy planting and harvesting conditions of vegetables such as soil and fertilizer consumption, irrigation and sufficient light. To plant vegetables in a plastic box, you should pay attention to the following:

  • Use boxes that are at least 30 cm in diameter. This is due to the volume of soil, fertilizer and enough space for growing vegetables.
  • Soak the desired vegetable seeds in a separate container for one or two days before planting so that they germinate a little.
  • Wet buds in a soft cloth to soak well.
  • Cover the bottom of the plastic container with a waste nylon and make sure the water drains from the bottom.
  • Be sure to use quality mixed soil for vegetables in a plastic box. Potting soil is easily found in regular florists, flower gardens or stores. Fill the container for planting vegetables with 2.5 cm of soil mixture including compost, perlite or sand. Make sure the soil is free of insects and plant-related diseases. Do not use garden soil. This is because this type of soil is very dense and probably contains weeds and harmful bacteria for growing vegetables in a plastic box.

What Are Plastic Planter Boxes Used For ?

What Are  Plastic Planter Boxes Used For ? Plastic boxes are one of the most commonly used boxes today. These boxes are lightweight and can be found in different sizes, and some of them even look like earthenware or ceramic boxes. Plastic boxes are easily removable and can be used multiple times. Of course, there are some drawbacks, for example, the predominant color of these pots is black, and on hot days, this color absorbs a lot of heat and there is a possibility of damaging the plant roots due to rising temperatures. These pots rot after a few years and can break. Plastic pots increase the likelihood of root rot due to the smooth and even wall.

To prevent this problem, grooves have been made in the body of the plastic pot. When you take your plant out of the plastic pot, pay attention to whether the root mass has become dense and firm or not. If you encounter this problem, it is enough that your fingers are enough. Pull yourself gently on the outer surface of the mass to remove stiffness and entanglement. Another point is to disinfect these pots after each use. To do this, just put them in warm water at 70 ° C for 3 minutes, and then soak them in the fungicide for twenty minutes, and then you can use them.

Direct Sale Of Plastic Planter Boxes

Direct Sale Of  Plastic Planter Boxes Plastic boxes sale is done in various ways throughout the country. The boxes is priced according to the price of raw materials and running costs. So as long as these items remain unchanged, the price is also fixed. Therefore, we suggest that you make sure of the daily price of your desired fruit basket before placing your order. Plastic boxes usage is very important in the agricultural industry and prevents energy waste and costs. Plastic boxes tips are determined by their appearance and material.


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  21. Fruit baskets can be used to grow vegetables in modest quantities at home or in apartments. Due to the healthy planting and harvesting circumstances of vegetables, such as soil and fertiliser use, irrigation, and adequate light, this method is highly significant in the food basket of families. When planting veggies in a plastic box, keep the following in mind: Soak the preferred vegetable seeds for one or two days before planting in a separate container to allow them to germinate. Make sure the water drains from the bottom of the plastic container by covering it with a waste nylon.
    Plastic boxes are one of the most often utilised types of packaging nowadays. Because of the smooth and flat wall of plastic pots, root rot is more likely. Grooves have been cut into the body of the plastic pot to avoid this problem. Examine the root mass of your plant as you remove it from the plastic pot to see if it has gotten solid and hard.

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